Cosmic Fullerenes Workshop 2018

Amphi Blandin LPS/ISMO


Following the first Cosmic Fullerenes workshop in Edinburgh in 2017, we will host a second edition of the workshop in Orsay. The purpose of this international workshop is to provide opportunities to discuss the status regarding the presence of fullerenes in space. The goal is to bring together experimental, theoretical and observational researchers from the astrophysics, physics, chemistry and astronomy communities to discuss the current views on the topic and what our needs are to advance our understanding. This second workshop closely follows collaborative funding applications to forward our knowledge on the consequences of the presence of fullerenes in space for astrochemistry, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The workshop will consist of a mixture of tutorial lectures, short presentations (ca. 20 minutes), posters and discussion sessions. In particular, time will be set aside to discuss and build future potential collaborations, training networks and funding possibilities. Detailed schedule will be confirmed close to the workshop time. Reviews will be given by confirmed invited speakers:

  • Jan Cami (Western Ontario University): Interstellar & Circumstellar Fullerenes, observation and modeling
  • Ewen Campbell (Basel University): Experimental spectroscopy of fullerenes
  • Chris Ewels (Nantes University): Formation of fullerenes, experimental and theoretical studies
  • Pat Fowler (Sheffield University): Structure and properties of fullerenes
  • Henning Zettergren (Stockholm University): Dynamics of fullerenes

Program and abstracts

The Local Organizing Committee is composed of:

Thomas Pino (chair, ISMO), Nathalie Ysard (vice-chair; IAS, Orsay), Marin Chabot (IPNO, Orsay), Thomas Boutéraon (IAS, Orsay), Emmanuel Dartois (ISMO, Orsay), Alain Omont (IAP, Paris), Elisabetta Micelotta (University of Helsinki/IAP)

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