6th Biosensor Meeting

Orsay, 12-13 May 2016,
Bâtiment des colloques (338) – Faculty of Sciences, Paris-Sud University

organisé par le GDR2588  Microscopie et Imagerie du Vivant

ProgramAbstracts –  Download poster 

Invited speakers
Carsten Grashoff, MPI Biochemistry, Munich (Germany)
Ranieri Bizzarri, Nanoscience Institute, Pisa (Italy)

Mechanical sensors, cell migration and polarisation
Biosensors, chemistry & probes
Biosensors for cell signaling : applications and recent developments

Meeting Objectives
Promoting the development and implementation of real time biosensor imaging approaches to decipher the spatio-temporal dynamics and underlying regulatory mechanisms of signaling cascades, kinase activities, protein-protein interactions and more… from single cells to complex biological systems including tissues, whole embryos and adult animals. The 6th edition will include an special focus on mechanical sensors.

Organizing Committee
Olivier Gavet (Villejuif), Fabienne Mérola (Orsay), May Morris (Montpellier), Clotilde Randriamampita (Paris), Eve Ranvier (Orsay), Franck Riquet (Gand), Grégoire Vandecasteele (Châtenay-Malabry), Pierre Vincent (Paris)

Registration fees: 50€ (acad), 250€ (non-acad) include meals and coffee breaks. 
Payment can be done by Credit Card or Purchase Order from your lab.
Registration is done in two steps at the web site below:
CAUTION : make sure to note the exact name & e-mail entered during the pre-registration 
step (including accents and upper/lower case choices), as they will be needed for the 
next step. Once your registration is completed, you will receive an invoice forpayment.
REGISTRATION HERE : https://www.azur-colloque.fr/DR18/
Contact: biosensor-meeting@services.cnrs.fr


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